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EPOS Intergration

Seamless intergration with a leading EPOS software

Input Records to a Past Date

You can record anything to a past date if you want accuracy, but don’t always have time to log in

Cash Up

Simple and transparent cash up

Front of House

Petty cash, gift vouchers and customer deposits records

Till Discrepancies and Totals

Record of till unders/overs and banking totals


Clear snapshot of current inventory at all your sites


Record wastage of raw ingredients, production and menu items according to your categories

Flexible Stocktaking

Take stock of a single item, group of items or everything in stock

Stocktaking of Production Items

No need to put production items into stock. Just count them with your stocktake and the system will do the rest

Detailed Stocktaking Variances

Overall and per item count and value variances

Fix Order Prices

You can fix pre-negotiated prices for ordering

Integrated Supplier Emails

Integrated email for purchase orders, order cancellations and credit notes

Shopping Lists

No need to create separate POs for each supplier – you can do your ordering in one go


Record partial deliveries and changes in delivered prices

Recurring Orders

Automatically generated orders according to a schedule you set

Order Authorizations

Limit order value for specific employees

Dish Level Cost and Margin

Up to the minute margin on menu items based on cost of ingredients in stock

Production Items

Record recipes you create in bulk with associated yield

Nested Recipes

Unlimited nesting of Menu and Production Item recipes

Historical Ingredient Cost

See how cost of your ingredients changed over time with changes in suppliers

Weighted Average Ingredient Cost

Ingredient weighted average cost recalculated with each delivery or return

Recipe File Export

Quick and easy recipe review

Ingredient Cost Comparison

Quickly compare cost of ingredients from different suppliers

Cost of Sales

Easily calculate your cost of sales

P&L and Forecasts

Actual monthly and year-to-date gross profit compared to forecasts

Sales and Purchases Comparison

Department and site level sales and purchases comparison

Weekly Performance

Weekly performance: week to date, this week v last week, weekly GPs

VAT Reports

Summary VAT reports for sales and purchases

Unlimited Supplier Products

Ingredient cost can be based on multiple suppliers

Unlimited Supplier Product Containers

Multiple order sizes per supplier product


Mark invoices as fully or partially paid

Invoices Due

See supplier’s outstanding and due balances

Ingredients Linked to Unlimited Suppliers

Switch suppliers as much as you want – there is no need to re-set up your recipes