About Us

Robbie Francis - CEO

Robbie is the founder of EPOSability and a techie at heart. He has a real passion for building technology solutions that solve real problems. Having identified that the hospitality market lacked a robust operational software solution, he set about building his own - one that adds real value to his clients. Being a geek, he gets super excited about Big Data / visualization and real-time actionable data. Opsimize is the benefactor of this passion.

If he were to run a restaurant, he’d run:

a burger joint overlooking a sunny beach, serving delicious juicy burgers and strawberry milkshakes! Obviously the whole place would be driven by tech - Self Ordering / Pay at Table / FREE WIFI!

Words that best describe him:

  • Visionary
  • Dynamic
  • Innovator

Irina Baldwin - COO

Irina is a jack of all traits – she makes sure that all parts of the company fit together and work seamlessly, so Opsimize can always deliver top quality product and service to its customers. In her prior life, she worked in venture capital and M&A, which gives her a wider perspective on business.

If she were to run a restaurant, she’d run:

a Tex-Mex restaurant – with freshly made tortillas, endless supply of fresh salsa, and margaritas the size of your head – on the rocks, with salt, lime juice and triple sec only!

Words that best describe her:

  • Meticulous
  • Logical
  • Straight-talking

Patrick Gerardi - Lead Back End Dev

Patrick is tireless in his drive to build a simple and intuitive product that adds value to our clients. He has been with Opsimize since inception and knows the software inside and out. Patrick draws on a wealth of experience, having been in software development for the past twenty years.

If he were to run a restaurant, he’d run:

a steakhouse with the largest medium-rare rumps served simmering on a hot rock. No basting - just the real deal, coupled with 3 simple sauces, a salad, and one litre larger jugs!

Words that best describe him:

  • Focused
  • Tenacious
  • A Team Player